As a listing agent, your clients are depending on you to sell their home in the shortest amount of time and at the best price the market can bear.

We can help you by providing a selling edge. Recommending a professional real estate stager to your clients, is a valuable marketing tool that sets you apart in a competitive marketplace.

Your expertise in the area of listing and selling homes, combined with our skill in making homes look great, is the perfect listing package!

Staging a property for sale has become the standard in the buzzing Vancouver/Fraser Valley real estate market. Distinctiveness for YOUR listings is the key. Maximize the effects of staging your open house, virtual tours and MLS site.

Consider the many ways home staging helps you:

Staging Saves You Money!
When a house sells faster, less money is spent on advertising and other listing expenses.

Staging provides great photo's for your internet advertising and print ads!
With 80% of buyers previewing homes on the internet, having great photo's is essential.

Staging helps you get more listings!
Offering staging services is a great way to distinguish yourself from other realtors by showing sellers you go above and beyond the standard listing procedures.

Staging gives you options!
Offering staging services is a great alternative for those clients who simply can't or don't want to lower their listing price. Staging can add value to the home to support the asking price. Ideally, all homes should be staged before going on the market.

Staging can help a home that has lingered on the market!
Time To ReDesign can identify the reasons as to why the home is not attracting buyers (or turning them away) and then provide solutions to rejuvenate the listing.

Staging can help you earn more money!
When a home sells for top dollar, you earn a bigger commission!

Can you afford not to stage?
Statistics prove that staged homes show better, and sell faster for a more profitable sale.


" A big thank you for your awesome staging done on my listing. My clients were so happy with your work and the fact that their home sold in one day. You were a joy to work with and it was so obvious that you love what you do. We highly recommend you!!  "

Sandy Gahan - Macdonald Realty Olympic

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