Whether you require Home Staging, Interior Redesign or Color Direction, our services offer flexibility to suite your specific needs and budget. If you are a do-it-yourselfer who simply needs ideas on what to do or you choose to use our full staging or redesign services we have a plan for you.

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Time To ReDesign is pleased to assist you in preparing your home for the competitive real estate market. With professional experience and a customized action plan we will show you how to effectively sell your home more quickly with a higher return on your investment and getting top dollar by appealing to a larger group of potential buyers.

Consultation & Action Plan
The Consultation & Action Plan involves meeting with the homeowner for an overall viewing of the property. A through assessment is made focusing on curb appeal, first impressions, flow, focal points, and areas of concern prior to putting your home on the market. Time To ReDesign provides the seller with a step by step Action Plan that includes recommendations and solutions to showcase your home. This consultation and report are for homeowners who have the talent and the extra time who prefer to do the work on their own.

Consultation & Action Plan with Staging Services
In addition to the Consultation & Action Plan, Time To ReDesign provides full staging services to manage the recommendations in the Action Plan. We offer hands on staging services because knowing what needs to be done and actually doing it are two different things. Time To ReDesign ensures every detail of your Action Plan is carried out for maximum buyer appeal in today's market.

Vacant Property / Model Home Staging
Studies show that vacant homes don't sell as quickly as furnished homes. Vacant homes can feel cold and impersonal and can often be the most confusing for potential buyers who have difficulty envisioning their belongings in the space. Using rental furnishings, artwork and accessories we set up inviting "vignettes" in each room creating a warm and appealing home environment.

Time To ReDesign handles all aspects of the staging including furniture set up and take down upon selling the property.


Interior Redesign Consultation
Perhaps you've carefully chosen all of your furniture, artwork and accessories and are happy with your choices...but your room just doesn't feel right. We will help you come up with a plan to turn your own furnishings into the room of your dreams.

One Day Interior Redesign
Think about what your home means to you...it is a reflection of who you are and what you love. Interior Redesign is about reflecting your taste.....a designers touch, not about creating rooms that no one can actually live in. Rearranging and maximizing what you already own is a creative and affordable way to decorate. Artfully pulling together your existing furniture and accessories will breath new life into your rooms in only a matter of a few hours.

On the day of your redesign you leave for the day. Some clients go to work, while others go shopping or meet friends. While you are away, we will arrange your furniture, reposition your accessories and re-hang your artwork. We "shop" your home for the perfect items to use for the redesign. We use design principles such as color, balance and scale to create a harmonious environment for you and your family.

When you return you will be amazed at how the old will look new, and the usual will look beautiful without buying anything new. We will create a space you love coming home to!


Color Consultation
Color can greatly enhance your enjoyment of your surroundings. The perfect color scheme can establish focal points and create a sense of "rhythm" in a home. A Color Consultation from Time To ReDesign can save time and money, while creating the environment you desire through the professional selection of color and finishes. You may be creative and resourceful, and you just need help pulling it all together, or you may be completely overwhelmed...either way, we can help!

New Home Construction Consultation
Building a new home from "the ground up?" Let us help you make sense of all those choices in colors, flooring, countertops etc... Even if your home is not a completely custom project, we can guide you in making good design and decor decisions from the builder's choices, decisions that reflect your taste and style.

One Day Home Move-In
No one likes the process of moving. It's not only the stress of actually moving, but it's the challenge of placing your items in your new home and creating the cozy ambiance that you and your family will love. Once your boxes are unpacked we will arrive to create a balanced, harmonious home in your new surroundings. We will make your furnishing and accessories look as if they were purchased specifically for your new home.

Design & Decor Shopping Service
Whether you're looking for beautiful artwork, unique lamps or those perfect accessories for your home, Time To ReDesign will help you find it. We can shop furniture and accessories for an entire home, one room or several rooms. We'll be happy to do the shopping for you, or we can go together. With our wonderful list of design and decor sources, we know where the best selections, values and services can be found.

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